✨Every Ten Ren’s Kids’ Meal comes with a cute bottle!✨


✨ Every Ten Ren’s Kids’ Meal comes with a cute bottle! ✨

Do you know that Ten Ren’s Kids’ Meal includes so much?

1️⃣ Adorable Car-Shaped Bento: A fun and delicious bento with a surprise car-shaped design – a favourite among the little ones! 🚗

2️⃣ Taiwanese Specialty Bento: Experience the authentic flavours of Taiwan with Taiwanese Crispy Chicken, Crispy Fish Fillet, Taiwanese sausage, and flavourful braised pork rice, providing a taste of homey warmth for the kids. 🍗

3️⃣ Fresh Vegetables: Healthy vegetable options for a well-balanced and nutritious meal. 🥦

4️⃣ Bottle Beverage: Paired with refreshing yogurt juice to make the whole meal even more delightful. 🥤



*Quantities are limited and available for a limited time only.
*Kids Meals are exclusively for children 12 years and under.
*Conditions may apply. Please see staff for details.
*Images are for reference only.

Available at selected locations
📍Times Ave & Hwy 7 (905-881-8896)
📍Langham Square (Markham) (905-470-8836)
📍Major Mackenzie Dr & Bayview (Richmond Hill) 905-508-3993

✔️For a complete list of Ten Ren’s GTA locations, please visit www.tenrenstea.com