Ten Ren’s Holiday Gathering Meal Idea

Elevate Your Holiday Gathering at Ten Ren’s Tea! 🍵🎄 Gather your loved ones and celebrate the festive season with our delightful holiday meal recommendations! 🎉

1️⃣ Classic Pu-erh Beef Green Tea Noodle Soup: A comforting bowl that fuses the richness of classic Pu-erh with tender beef and green tea-infused noodles. The perfect way to warm your heart during the holidays.

2️⃣ Taiwanese Shrimp Cakes, Sweet Potato & Yam Balls: Indulge in a trio of Taiwanese delights – succulent shrimp cakes, crispy sweet potato & yam balls.

3️⃣ Taiwanese Crispy Chicken & Minced Pork Rice: Experience the crunch of Taiwanese crispy chicken paired with the savoury goodness of minced pork rice. A culinary symphony on your plate!

4️⃣ Pan-Fried Beef Tenderloin served with XO Sauce Spicy Dried Noodle and Soup: Savour the tenderness of pan-fried beef tenderloin accompanied by XO sauce spicy dried noodles and a comforting soup.

And, of course, don’t forget to sip on our enchanting Holiday Caramel Wonderland Series, specially crafted for the holiday season. 🎁

Make your holiday gathering truly memorable at Ten Ren’s Tea! 🌟 Head over and immerse yourself in the joy of the season. Cheers to good times and great tea! 💕

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