✨Celebrating 39 Years of Tea Excellence at Ten Ren’s Tea🥳

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Elevate your tea experience with our exclusive holiday bonus that’s sure to add a delightful touch to your celebrations! 🎉 From now until December 31st, the more you load, the more you get! 🌟 Here’s how you can enjoy the perks:


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3️⃣ Load $1000 and receive a whopping $150 bonus + 2 free sets of pan-fried beef tenderloin meal and

ultimate tea bundle: Tumbler + 913 Tea bags 🍲🎁


🕒 For more details, please inquire in-store. Terms and conditions apply.



A sincere THANK YOU to our incredible customers for 39 years of unwavering love and support! In appreciation, we are thrilled to present you with exclusive Anniversary Deals – the most substantial discounts of the year, available from now until December 31st.


1️⃣ Receive up to a $50 Voucher for retail tea merchandise purchases. 🛍️

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3️⃣ Ginseng lovers rejoice – Buy 1 get 1 FREE! 🌱🎁


🚨 *Please note:

*The promotion excludes food, drinks, Nissan Reishi, and wholesale purchases.

*Terms and conditions apply, please ask our friendly staff for details.


Visit any of our GTA locations or check our website for more details: www.tenrenstea.com