🎃 Ten Ren’s Halloween Exclusive: Midnight Chiller 🌙

Halloween is almost upon us!


Ten Ren’s Tea is thrilled to present a spellbinding new drink just in time.

🌌 Midnight Chiller 🌌 is now haunting all Ten Ren’s Tea locations, ready to cast a spell on your Halloween journey! 🎉

🥛 Creamy milk ice base
😋 Classic bouncy tapioca
🌸 Refreshing lychee jelly

This bewitching blend combines the beloved tapioca and lychee jelly, unveiling a nocturnal delight beneath its icy shroud. It’s a Ten Ren’s 👻 Halloween special!

Rally your friends and head over to Ten Ren’s Tea to savour the unique Midnight Chiller. Add a touch of magic to your Halloween festivities!


✔️For a complete list of Ten Ren’s GTA locations, please visit www.tenrenstea.com