🍈 Unveil the Melon Magic with Ten Ren’s Tea✨

Get enchanted by our latest fruit infusions – the Melon Magic Series! 🍈


🥛 Creamy Melon Fresh Milk /w Fresh Diced Melon  韻綠哈密瓜鮮奶:
Dive into a luscious blend of honeydew and velvety milk enriched with juicy diced melon chunks. It’s not just a drink; it’s a melodic melon experience!

🍧 Creamy Melon Frost /w Fresh Diced Melon & Milk Cap  哈密瓜雪花冰沙:
Chill out with this icy melon slush, infused with the authentic aroma and sweetness of sun-kissed melons, topped off with a creamy milk cap. It’s a refreshing escape in every sip!

Embark on this fragrant melon journey; we promise it’s a taste sensation you won’t forget! 😋
Ready to experience the magic? Head to Ten Ren’s Tea and let your taste buds dance! And if it captures your heart, share the melon love with your pals! 🍈❤️🥤

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