Introducing 2023 Ten Ren’s Moon Cakes
🌕✨ Savour the Essence of Mid-Autumn with 2023 Ten Ren’s Tea Moon Cake!  🥮🍃
Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with our moon cakes.

1️⃣  茗月 Ten Ren’s Tea Moon Cakes

🍫🌰 Tie Guan Yin Chocolate Moon Cake with Almonds (2pcs): A harmonious fusion of Tie Guan Yin’s floral notes and rich chocolate, adorned with crunchy almonds. 🍇🍵 Black Tea Moon Cake with Oriental Beauty Tea and Mulberries (2pcs): Delight in the sophisticated marriage of black tea and the fruity allure of Oriental Beauty Tea and mulberries. 👑🍃 Kings’ Oolong Tea: Indulge in the regal Kings’ Oolong Tea moon cake, a symphony of flavour that pays homage to the finest Oolong tea leaves.

2️⃣  喫茶趣 cha for Tea Moon Cakes

🍵🍊 Tie Guan Yin Moon Cake with Kumquat Mung Bean Pastry (4pcs): Tangy kumquat mung bean pastry pairs perfectly with Tie Guan Yin tea, creating a balanced delight. ☕️🌿 Black Tea Moon Cake with Vegetarian Meat and Mushroom (4pcs): Enjoy the savoury blend of black tea, vegetarian meat, and mushroom for a uniquely satisfying treat.

3️⃣ Enhance your Mid-Autumn celebration with 天霧賞 Ten Wu Oolong Tea:

🍂🍃 Encased in an elegantly designed canister, it captures the essence of high mountain oolong tea, embodying classical oriental charm.

All items are Air-Freighted from Taiwan to Canada, ensuring ultimate freshness, exclusively at Ten Ren’s retail locations. 🌍🌱 Celebrate Mid-Autumn with our exquisite moon cakes and tea selections.

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