Ten Ren’s Tea Snacks Recommendations

Embrace the slow life with perfect tea pairings – relish in the joy of relaxation! 🌸💫 Tea and tea delights go hand in hand, weaving tea culture into our daily lives, cherishing every serene moment! 🍵💕

  • Jin Xuan Oolong Tea Flavoured Pineapple Cake 🍵🍍 The blend of premium oolong tea and sweet pineapple creates a delectable treat that dances harmoniously with your tea!
  • Green Tea Flavoured Kumquat Cake 🍊🍵🌿 Rich green tea essence meets refreshing kumquat, delivering a delightful fusion of tea and fruit!
  • Jasmine Flavoured Dried Strawberry 🍵🍓 Elegant Jasmine floral notes intertwine with sweet strawberries, creating a soothing and soulful experience!
  • Jin Xuan Oolong Tea Flavoured Roselle Saccade Preserved Fruit 🍵 The beauty of roselle tea blends with the sweetness of preserved fruit, crafting a delightful floral and fruity celebration!

At Ten Ren’s Tea, we believe tea and tea food complement each other perfectly, offering a chance to savour life’s simple pleasures and relax in every moment. 🏞️🌿 Come to Ten Ren’s Tea and treat yourself to these mouthwatering tea-infused goodies! 🍍🍊🍓🍵

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