Ten Ren’s Bubble Tea Catering Service

🌟 Looking for a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate? Ten Ren’s Catering Service offers personalized bubble tea experiences for any occasion! 💖

As a world-renowned tea brand, Ten Ren’s brings rich tea culture and high-quality products to your event. 🌿 🎊Private or corporate, our team caters to your preferences with carefully-selected teas or bubble teas and Taiwanese snacks. 🍽️ Experience professional on-site tea service for a memorable cultural celebration. 🥳

Let Ten Ren’s Catering Service be the inspiration and highlight of your next gathering. Experience the ultimate combination of tea and culinary delights with us! 🎊

Contact us at info@tenren.ca to book your next event today! 🎉

✔️For a complete list of Ten Ren’s GTA locations, please visit: www.tenrenstea.com