Introducing Ten Ren’s Cold Brew Tea Series!

🍵 Introducing Ten Ren’s Cold Brew Tea Series! 🌿✨Sip, savour, and refresh with our delightful assortment of flavours. 💚🍃

🌱 Green Tea 
Experience the pure essence of nature with our classic green tea. 🌿🍵 Embrace its rejuvenating power and embrace a moment of tranquillity. 😌✨

🌸 An-Xi Ti Kwan Yin 🌺
Embark on a floral journey with the enchanting An-Xi Ti Kwan Yin. 🌼🍵 Let the delicate fragrance and smooth taste captivate your senses. 🌸✨

👑 913 King’s Oolong 🍂
Indulge in the royal taste of our 913 King’s Oolong tea. 🍵👑 Allow its rich flavour and velvety texture to transport you to a world of luxury and elegance. 💫🌿

⛰️ High Mountain Oolong 🏔️
Climb the heights of flavour with our High Mountain Oolong tea. ⛰️🍵 Let its crisp and refreshing notes invigorate your senses, offering a taste of pure mountain air. 🌄✨

🌈 Discover the perfect blend that speaks to your taste buds and immerse yourself in Ten Ren’s Cold Brew Tea Series. 🌈🍵 Refreshing, convenient, and simply delightful! 💫💚

📍Available at selected locations thorough out GTA:
Times Ave & Hwy 7                                     905-881-8896
Langham Square                                         905-470-8836
Major Mackenzie Dr & Bayview              905-508-3993
Chinatown(Downtown Toronto)             416-598-7872
Yorkdale Shopping Centre                        416-872-8288
Markville Shopping Centre                       905-940-1991
Fairview Mall                                               416-493-7898

✔️For a complete list of Ten Ren’s GTA locations, please visit: