Ten Ren’s Tea – Discover the Essence of Flavours!

Experience the captivating world of Ten Ren’s Tea with our exceptional selection of teas:

Red Dates Black Tea:
A harmonious fusion of premium black tea leaves and red dates’ natural sweetness delivers a rich and comforting flavour.

8 Treasures Chrysanthemum Tea:
Immerse yourself in this captivating blend’s soothing and refreshing taste, combining eight treasures of dried flowers and herbs.

Peach Oolong Tea:
Delight in the perfect harmony of succulent peaches and smooth Oolong tea, creating a tantalizing escape to a tranquil peach orchard.

Explore our stores or browse our online shop to discover these enchanting teas and embark on a journey of taste and tranquillity. Stay tuned for more updates and special offers from Ten Ren’s Tea. Cheers to moments of serenity and tea-infused bliss.

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