Ten Ren’s Osmanthus Pu-erh Tea Series

Introducing Ten Ren’s curated selection of winter drinks – Osmanthus Pu-erh Tea Series!

Osmanthus Pu-erh Tea

Osmanthus Pu-erh Milk Tea

Made with premium Pu-erh tea leave and infused with sweet golden osmanthus flowers, the taste of this particular tea series is smooth and unique, with a natural aromatic floral note and pure nectar sweetness formed naturally during fermentation.

It also has a warming effect that is specifically crafted to support our bodies in the colder weather!

Enjoy this perfect tea series and share happiness! It will keep you warm all season long!

Available at selected locations throughout GTA.

For a complete list of Ten Ren’s GTA locations, please visit: www.tenrenstea.com