Everyone loves TenRen’s Signature Tea Collection

Specially curated, showcasing the highest level of ingredients with their taste, smell and aesthetic, TenRen’s Signature Tea Collection offers a unique bubble tea experience for all.

Each tea blend has been carefully curated for quality ingredients and expert blending combine to create the finest flavor and aroma, making these bubble teas the perfect drink for any tea lover.

These super-fun (and super-delicious) signature drink recipes are guaranteed to be a hit on this season. Go for beverages with your favorite flavor. No matter which bubble tea you pick, enjoy them a fun and inventive. That’s half the fun, isn’t it?

Available Locations:

111 Times Ave. Unit 101, Thornhill ON
1070 Major MacKenzie Dr. E Richmond Hill ON
5095 Yonge Street Unit A2 North York, ON
9570 McCowan Road Unit 1-2B, Markham, ON