Natural, Healthy and Refreshing! 

This Summer, we have Fresh Lime Winter Melon Green Tea, Winter Melon Yogurt Slush, and Winter Melon Green Tea Latte. 

Enjoy a Refreshing Summer. Try our Winter Melon Green Tea Series with AiYu Jelly! 


About Aiyu Jelly

Aiyu Jelly, Taiwanese favourite summer dessert, is a unique jelly made from seeds of the Aiyu fruit, a variety of fig found only in Taiwan and certain East Asian countries. Originated from mountainous area in the Jiayi Province of Taiwan, Aiyu fruit is harvested from early autumn through midwinter.

Its by-product, Aiyu Jelly is a gelatinous jelly with multiple health benefits. It is rich in pectin, vitamins and dietary fiber, which helps to regulate metabolism and lower cholesterol.

Meanwhile, Aiyu Jelly has a chewy texture. Blended with premium Winter Melon Green Tea, it tastes exceptionally well with your ice cold summer drinks. Its low calorie count makes it your guiltless summer indulgence!