Pu-erh Tea has long been valued in Chinese herbalism for its vast benefits.  Pu-erh tea contains high levels of polyphenols (flavonoids, catechins and theaflavin), which are known for their antioxidant activity. These powerful chemicals speed up fat burning as well as reduce stress and heavy metal consumption due to the cell repair compounds found within. The theanine and flavoids found within pu-erh just so happen to aid in digestion after meals by acting as a sponge and accelerator for fat burning.Pu-erh Tea Series

As a tea expert, Ten Ren’s Tea serves you the highest quality tea. If you’re looking for a healthy decaf tea, Pu-Erh is your first choice.

Pu-erh Tea Series includes Slush, Ice Tea, Milk Tea and Hot Tea.  

Sweet and Soft Pu-eh Tea Flavoured Pudding

Made by the Fresh tea leaves. Natural, healthy and with delicate tea flavour!
Only $1 to be added as topping in any of our drinks! Don’t hesitate to try!
**Different tea flavor pudding will be offered by weekly.**