Enjoy the Full Moon with Dearest Families and Friends. Appreciate Scrumptious Tea Moon Cake in this Magical Evening!

Light breeze sends away summer, brings you fall and mid-autumn. A night that allows families and friends to reunite and celebrate prosperity of the harvest. A night that allows tea to be discovered and appreciated with shining lanterns and a beautiful full moon.



TenRen’s understands tea tastes better with complimentary sweets. Therefore, we prepared three types of delightful moon cake pastries for your enjoyment. They are Brilliant, Radiance and Cha FOR TEA.

In each package, you will find many individual flavoured moon cakes such as green tea lotus, green plum tea, and red tea hibiscus. Low calories. Good for ovo-lacto vegetarians!

With great company, perfect night sky and indulgent tea treats, this moon festival couldn’t be more better!