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Ten Ren’s Tea School is dedicated to educate the public on tea and tea culture. Originated in Asia, tea is more than an important part of people’s day-to-day ritual, but also is a form of art that brings you back to the origin of life and re-discovers the art of tea drinking in ancient China.

Tea leaves and flushes, which includes a terminal bud and two young leaves, are picked from Camellia sinensis bushes typically twice a year during early spring and early summer or late spring.
The tea leaves will begin to wilt soon after picking, with a gradual onset of enzymatic oxidation.
The leaves may be lightly bruised on their edges by shaking and tossing in a bamboo tray or tumbling in baskets.
For teas that require oxidation, the leaves are left on their own in a climate-controlled room where they turn progressively darker. This is accompanied by agitation in some cases.
This process is accomplished by moderately heating tea leaves, thus deactivating their oxidative enzymes and removing unwanted scents in the leaves, without damaging the flavour of the tea.
The damp tea leaves are then rolled to be formed into wrinkled strips, by hand or using a rolling machine which causes the tea to wrap around itself.
Drying is done to "finish" the tea for sale. This can be done in a myriad of ways including panning, sunning, air drying, or baking.
While not always required, some teas required additional aging, secondary fermentation, or baking to reach their drinking potential.

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Certified Tea University

We are the first and official tea university in China. Certified by the government and approved by the community.

Ten Fu’s Tea University Building South/West View

Ten Fu’s Tea Residential Buildings and Office Center

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    Tea Culture

    Tea has many different culture / style. Learn more from our tea school.

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    Tea Etiquette

    Learn about becoming a tea master in particular profession or group.

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    Tea Types

    There any many types of tea. Learn and taste test all the popular teas.

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